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Jungle Quest Day Camp

 Day Camp

Licensed Day Camp – Summer, Winter, Spring Break, and School Days Off.

We offer activities for kids on vacation.

During our Summer season, we go on terrific trips everyday; year round, kids enjoy exploring the Jungle, Crafts, walking trips, and outdoor activities.

Enroll for a few days, one or more weeks, or your entire vacation.

School Days Off

Specially designed for children ages 5 to 12, School Days Off is a day-long program filled with adventure and fun. When your child has no school but you still have to work, bring him or her to the Kid-Friendly Jungle to Climb and Conquer.

Winter & Summer Camps

Campers start each day of our week-long licensed programs challenging the jungle where our Kid-Friendly and Qualified Safari Guides provide all the instruction, equipment and supervision necessary for a safe and fun jungle adventure. After hitting the ropes, explorers play games, watch movies and take off-site journeys to other places in the city distinct for discovering.

Discounts for siblings.

Summer Camp 2017Voted Favorite Field Trip


CAMP HOURS 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Children ages 5 and up.
Register early, space is limited.
$35 Registration fee per child.
$50/Day; $80/Days with Special Trips; $250/Week.
10% Discount for any additional siblings.
Scholarships available, ask for an application.
Children need a disposable lunch +2 snacks.

View and Print Camp Registration Packet (16 pages)

View and Print Camp Letter (seen below – 2 pages)



View and Print Camp Registration Packet (16 pages)

View and Print Camp Letter (seen above- 2 pages)