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Looking for the Perfect Business? Consider a JungleQuest Franchise!

Profit from Unique and Exciting Zipline Adventures for Kids

JungleQuest is a place where Kids Become Explorers.

We have been successful since 1994, and are the world’s leader in Zipline Excitement for kids age 5 – 12.  Each year, JungleQuest provides over 500,000 zipline rides, and hosts more than 1,200 birthday parties.  And you can now enjoy this kind of excitement and profits.

Our more than 2 decades of experience in the childrens’ adventure and zipline business qualifies us to provide everything you need, including layout and design, engineering, construction, operations manuals, training, and everything else to install and operate this exciting kind of profitable business.

Now is the right time for a JungleQuest Franchise.  Entrepreneur Magazine’s article ‘Top 10 Trends’ says that Child Care and Children’s Enrichment industries “have been going strong for years–thanks to the ever-growing demographic…and show no signs of stopping.”

JungleQuest is in the right place at the right time.  All we need is you to join us.  If you’re interested in learning more about your possible future with JungleQuest, please contact us.

JungleQuest is a Unique Children’s Concept
  • No Direct Competition
  • High-Barrier to Entry
  • High Profit Margins
  • Decades of Successful Experience.

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A JungleQuest Franchise will cost $311,000 or more, depending on various circumstances.

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity for a profitable, one-of-a-kind business please contact Doug Root at 303-522-0152, or email us with your phone number at and we’ll contact you.

Executive Summary 

JungleQuest is the the indoor, jungle-themed ‘Adventure Center’ for children 5 to 12 years old.  Our unique-in-the-marketplace business offers a place for kids to have the adventure they crave.  Since 1994, we have been the popular venue for Birthday Parties, Drop-ins, our own Summer Daycamp, and also an ideal field trip destination for other camps, school groups, and recreation programs needing a place to go.

JungleQuest features challenging ziplines, rope bridges, giant swings, tree houses, jungle caves, rock-climbing walls, and a great jungle theme – all perfect for young explorers who are looking for adventure.

Even after decades of operations, JungleQuest still has no direct competition, in part because the barriers to entry into this unique niche are substantial to any competition.

And our experience and detailed operations manuals provide the systems required to operate smoothly, with no surprises.

A JungleQuest can be successful as a free standing business, or as part of a center that features related recreation activities i.e. miniature golf, inflatable bounces, laser tag, redemption games, bowling, snack bar or other family recreation activities.

JQ Picture 2006 175Company Overview

JungleQuest, Inc was founded in 1994 in Littleton, Colorado, with the vision that kids want (and parents will pay for) adventure-entertainment activity.  This has proven to be true.

JungleQuest has been successful by building a profitable business and great reputation with kids, their friends, siblings and parents.  JungleQuest is more than activity – it’s where kids achieve in an environment of Adventure, Challenge, Exploration and Excitement!

Since 1994, the JungleQuest business model has provided Indoor Adventure to over 700,000 children, hosted over 30,000 Birthday Parties, and sells 500,000 zipline rides each year.

JungleQuest provides a fun and experiential challenge environment that teaches self-confidence, self-reliance, personal resilience, responsibility, and problem solving to kids 5 to 12 years old.

JungleQuest has a terrific industry reputation.

  • ‘Best Place for Child’s Birthday Party’ by the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado
  • We were selected “Editors Choice” – Colorado Parents Magazine
  • We were voted ‘Readers Favorite’ in “Best Places for Families” – Kids’ Pages Family Magazine
  • CBS TV’s – “Denver’s Most Unique Indoor Playground” – Top 5 Indoor Playground
  • Cited in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Insights, Inspiration, How Businesses Succeed
  • Cited in 68 Great Things to Do Together with Kids in Denver – Fodor Publishing
  • Cited in Entrepreneur Magazine’s New Franchise Opportunities
  • Best Business of Littleton 2010 – 2016 Amusement Parks Category
  • Top Three ‘Best Indoor Playplaces for Families’ – Kids’ Pages Magazine, Colorado Parent
  • ‘Readers Favorite’, ‘Best Places for Families’ – Colorado Parent Magazine
  • Cited in Making Money is Killing Your Business – Crankset Publishing

JungleQuest has redefined children’s birthday parties and adventure / exploration / play time.

Kids want to be adventurers.  They want a wild time of roaming the woods and parks with friends, and discovering what is ‘out there’.  Remember being a kid, and wondering if you could actually balance on the log all the way across the ravine, or see how far up some tree you could climb?

JungleQuest lets kids answer this ‘Call of the Wild’.

In a world that tends to resist letting children try new, physical adventures, we provide a controlled and Kid-Friendly environment that parents trust.


Competitive Advantage

Our Extremely High Barrier-To-Entry 

Why are there no competing business similar to JungleQuest?

JungleQuest is drawn from varied and disparate industries: ropes challenge course, technical rock climbing, children’s programing, daycare, construction, engineering, and fall-prevention / safety consulting, resulting in a very unique and difficult to reproduce concept, especially considering the intellectual property that we have created over the past two decades.

Any competitor would find the required work to be difficult, expensive and highly technical.

Revenue Sources 

We provide Birthday Parties and Drop – In adventures, are a destination for outside camps and groups, and have an optional Licensed Day Camp aspect as well. 

We provide it all:

Complete Jungle Package:

A Jungle modeled on the successful Colorado JungleQuest, a 5000 square foot facility, including Jungle design, layout, and decor that optimize your space and budget.  We  oversee the installation of your bridges, ziplines, and other elements of the Jungle.

Manager and Staff Training.

Our training consist of all you need to know about running a Jungle including Management, Program Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and our staff positions.  Some will occur at your location and some in Colorado.

Operations/Training and Equipment Manuals.

This manual contains everything about how our Littleton JungleQuest runs – all our operations, experience and information bound into one reference guide.  It’s everything you need to know about we do it, so you can do it, too.

Management Team 

The JungleQuest Management and Training Team has over 50 years experience of working at JungleQuest, and many more years in the children’s programming business.  We bring everything you need to know about the JungleQuest systems, procedures, programs, management, training and standards – in short, all the pieces necessary for you to build a successful JungleQuest business.

Our Founder and CEO:  Douglas W. Root

Doug Root has 30 years of experience in the recreation and amusement industry, including positions with YMCA, various municipal recreation departments, and private recreation service companies.  After earning his BA in Recreation Administration / Business from Humboldt University in California in 1984, he started a community recreation business, growing it to over 11,000 customers prior to it being acquired.  Following that, he was hired to start, develop and manage the recreation department for town in Colorado.

He has been recognized in the books Insights and Inspiration, How Businesses Succeed (published by Entrepreneur Magazine) and Making Money is Killing Your Business by Chuck Blakeman (Crankset Group Publishing), and was a Winner of Blue Chip Enterprise Award sponsored by the United States Chamber of Commerce, and has received the Best of Business Awards by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA); Tourist Attractions, Amusement Park Concessions and Rides Category.

COO / Development Director:  Michelle McClurg    

Ms. McClurg brings a wealth of experience to the JungleQuest development and operational efforts, where she has been coordinating the expansion of JungleQuest for several years.

She has extensive experience with domestic and international licensing programs, including the planning and facilitation of training programs, management of the openings of new locations, and planning, budgeting, loan acquisition, construction, equipment and décor for various companies.

Ms. McClurg has an extensive history of accomplishments in project management, relationship management, conflict resolution, process improvements and cost mitigation.  She has successfully executed multiple concurrent global projects and has received numerous awards and accolades from companies and customers alike.  Ms. McClurg has been the recipient of five National Excellence Awards for sales, client satisfaction, process improvements and cost initiatives in addition to regional and local commendations and awards.