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Frequenlty Asked Questions

What is JungleQuest?

JungleQuest is The Indoor Zipline, Rock Climbing, Ropes Challenge Course Adventure Center for Kids.  We were Voted ‘Top Place for a Childs’ Birthday Party’ by the Rocky Mountain News.

We host private birthday parties, and have open and drop-in climbing times, school and camp groups.  Our kid-friendly staff provides instruction, equipment and supervision, so your kids will have a fun and safe adventure on our Ziplines, bridges, and climbing wall.

We have  zip lines, giant swings, Cargo Net bridges, a tree house lookout, slides, a 20 ft. rock climbing wall, party rooms and a parents seating area.
We are a great location for:
  • Birthday parties
  • Open climb times when you can drop your kids off with us
  • School groups
  • Youth groups
  • Day camp on holidays, summer, winter, and spring time
We stress safety, having fun, and developing a Can Do Attitude.

jq007Is JQ Safe?

Well, let’s compare JungleQuest to organized sports programs.  According to Boston Children’s Hospital, National SAFE KIDS Campaign, adn the American Academy of Pediatrics (

“In the United States, about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports.   About 20 percent of children are injured each year, and one in four injuries is considered serious.”

This is an injury rate of 20%.

Jungle Quest has an injury rate of .014%.

This means that your child is 1,428 times less likely to be injured here than in an organized sports program.   (Jungle Quest has about 35,000 kids each year, with average of 5 or so injuries per year.)

Additionally, in January of 2008, (the last time we ran statistics) we had had no injuries requiring professional medical attention in over 4 years.  This was an injury rate of 1 for every 210,000 hours of children playing. Said another way, if you attend a birthday party at JungleQuest every day, you will have to live over 384 years before being hurt.

All that having been said, our equipment is specifically designed for children.  We instruct, encourage, and supervise the kids to make sure they follow all the rules that provide for a safe adventure.
We follow the industry standards for rock climbing and ropes/challenge courses.
And, as with any activity with kids, there are occasional minor scrapes and bumps.
We average about 35,000 kids each year, and   month, and we have $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. (If they have more questions about insurance or safety, have them talk to the Program Director.)

jq016“What do you do with kids at JungleQuest?”

Our instructors gather your group of kids, harness them, and teach them ‘The Law of the Jungle’.  This is a talk about the safety rules and an explanation of how the equipment works.  Then we supervise and instruct the kids as they go through all the different elements, and climb the high rock wall.
Please come and visit us, so you can see how we do things.

“What are your Adventure Bridges like?” 

Our challenge elements are about 50 feet long and kids are 6 to 8 feet off the floor.  All participants are harnessed into a static cable belay, and our staff checks each child each time they go across the bridges.
Our Ziplines are overhead cables, where the kids are attached to a pulley which runs down the cable, and then they sail across the floor, landing mats at the other end.
Our Cargo Net Bridges are very safe for all ages.

“Can we bring in our own food to our party?”

Yes, you can.  And we have a refrigerator and freezer to keep any ice cream or cake cold.  And you can also order a pizza after you are here.

jq012“Where Can I Buy Pizza for My Party?”

We will help you with ordering your pizza when you arrive for your party.  Or you can order pizza from wherever you prefer.

“When is the best time to come to JungleQuest?”

Generally, you want to avoid the busiest times.  These are Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.  Monday through Friday during the day is generally less busy, and Monday through Thursday evenings are also not normally a busy time.   It is best to call ahead to see what the expected crowd might be, so you can come when it is less busy.

“What age children is JungleQuest good for?”

JungleQuest is really great for kids 5 to 13 years old.  Groups of older kids can also enjoy JungleQuest, depending on the group.

“Can my 4 year old (or younger) have fun at JungleQuest?”

Yes.  Though we talk about being for 5 to 13 year olds, that is more of a guideline then it is a rule.
It really depends on each specific child’s body size, mental acuity, and natural assertiveness.   For example, if there is a 4 year old who is big for his age, unafraid, and has pretty good fine motor control, then he or she ‘seems’ like a 5 year old, and they should have little trouble with the Jungle.  However, kids under 5 need to have a parent or helper stay with them until they demonstrate competence on the ziplines and other elements.


Generally, 4 year olds can explore JungleQuest… 
you come when we are not very busy: less then (about 15 – 20 people)
you bring someone who will be that child’s helper.  This helper will need to be with the child the entire time they are here…helping them on and off the ziplines and Adventure Bridges and understanding the safety rules.
Once they achieve competence, then they can go by themselves.

“How many kids do you allow in the Jungle at one time?  Doesn’t it get too crowded?”

We have designed the capacity of the Jungle for reasonable wait times.   Based on parent feedback 5 kids in line is a very acceptable wait time.  So this is the number we work with.
If you are very concerned about capacity, there are options:
  • Rent the whole Jungle, and we will close it to any other groups.
  • Pay a higher rate, and we could limit the numbers of other kids.
  • Schedule your visit  at a time when we are not as busy as others.  Generally, this would be the earliest or latest group during the day.
I am confident that if you bring your group, the kids will be satisfied with the level of activity, and so will you.

Why is JungleQuest so expensive?

  • Our equipment is unique and customized; it is like nothing you will find anywhere else.  Design, development and engineering are costly.
  • Our staff levels are much higher than that of most regular children’s recreation facilities.
  • You can also agree with the parents:  “You’re, JungleQuest is on the expensive side.  However, there are no other places that provide the kind of adventures for kids that JungleQuest does.”